Grant Whibley



Oil and acrylic on canvas

508mm (H) x 406mm (W) x 10mm (D)


Note, artwork sold unframed. The framing shown in the interior shot is for visual inspiration.

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Artist Statement

My work in Abstraction is produced as a sensory expression of life events and worldly events. I begin in an intuitive way with fragments of imagery which I sift through in their obedience to structures and sensations I have of form, colour and light. In the process of painting, I discover meanings that were partly explored at the beginning with their reference points in media or visual images. As I refine the work, I begin to discover perceptions that were analogous to their context and sources in ways that are richer and more than what I could have imagined. For me, each work becomes like the news that I can believe in even though the truth isn’t in the painting. It’s the sort of art that I can hold up to our culture and consider that they present an equivalent paradigm of what we are and where we are going.