Giving the gift of art

Buying a truly meaningful gift for a friend or loved one can be really hard. Harder still when it comes to art, as each of us has our own taste. At Artfull, we offer a Gift Account Service, so that your friend or loved one can choose the piece they really want.

You can buy gift cards directly from our platform, or, set up a gift registry.

It's easy to set up:

1. Email us your friend or loved ones' full name, including date of birth and the date of their special celebration.

2. We'll set up a record for the recipient with all of these details, and assign them a unique collector code. All incoming contributions to the fund will be recorded here.

3. We'll email you our account details for making deposits, and also the unique collector code to use as a reference when you and your friends make a contribution to the collector fund.

4. On the date you've advised us, we will email the recipient a beautifully designed digital gift voucher, to the value of the collector fund. Your friend can then get in touch with us for a one on one art consultation, or simply tell us which work they've chosen and we'll arrange everything from there, including freight pricing and delivery.

We also offer gift cards for instant purchase. Available here