Frequently Asked Questions

Is Artfull just for Aotearoa New Zealand artists and collectors?

Artfull is an online gallery platform dedicated to artists residing and practicing in New Zealand. We may expand into other regions in the future. For collectors, if you live outside New Zealand please contact us to find out about international purchasing and shipping options.

Can I come and view an artwork in person before I buy it?

Artfull is an online gallery, and at this stage we do not have a physical premise for viewing artworks. We have designed our platform to showcase the artworks in the best way possible, and we will also have enhanced technology to bring the artwork to life for you digitally.

Ok so I can't view artworks in person at your premises, but can I visit the artist's studio?

Maybe! There really is something very special about an artists studio (that's one of the reasons we are creating our studio videos). If you are interested in meeting one of our artists and visiting them in their studio please contact us. We'll be happy to talk with the artist and make arrangements on a case by case basis.

Can I contact the artists or galleries directly?

You will notice that we have included links to our artists social media pages, websites, and representative galleries (if they have these). You can contact them directly if you wish. It is up to their discretion if they choose to respond or not. You cannot buy artworks you see on Artfull directly from the artist. All artworks you see on our site are exclusively for sale on Artfull.

Do you offer art consultancy and interior styling services?

Art really can bring an interior to life. It can anchor a room, enhance it, or even inspire a complete interior design make over. We are always happy to offer guidance and advice on how to incorporate art into your home, and how to build a collection. Please get in touch via our contact page. Interior design wise, we know some very talented individuals and would be happy to connect you.

Does Artfull offer framing or hanging services?

Not yet, but we are working on it. Until then, here are a few quick tips for framing and hanging: 1) Always choose UV protectant glass or better. This will help prevent your artwork from fading. 2) Never hang an artwork in direct sunlight. Sunlight is great for tomatoes, not for artwork. All artworks will either fade or crack, or both, over time if exposed to too much sunlight. Likewise, don't hang your piece in a damp area. If you would like future advice or recommendations about framers or specialist art hangers we trust in your region please contact us.

What about insurance?

All artworks are covered by our insurance policy while they are in transit from the artist to your specified address. If you would like to know more about insuring your piece once it arrives, please contact your household contents insurer to find out what information they need. Most domestic contents insurance companies can insure artworks so long as you meet their specified terms.

Are the photos and information for artworks 100% accurate?

All photos of each artwork, and information about each piece, is provided to us by the artist themselves. As a result there will be some variations in the photographs such as different angles. We have endeavoured to present the artwork in the best possible way, and have described it exactly as the artist has asked us to. If you would like additional photographs or information please contact us. We are more than happy to provide more details.

Can I download images of artworks and print them at home?

No. All images of artworks on Artfull remain the copyright of the artist. Downloading images and printing them for personal use is prohibited in accordance with the copyright laws of New Zealand.

How do I know if the artwork I am buying is genuine?

We vouch for our artists and you can rest assured that all artworks offered for sale on Artfull are original pieces of art made by the artist named. In most cases the work will be signed and dated by the artist (we say most because on the odd occasion an artist might forget!) When you make your purchase, your invoice will have the details of the piece and the artist. If you require additional documentation for insurance purposes please contact us.

Can you give me advice on which piece to buy as an investment?

Investing in art has received a lot of publicity in recent times. Certainly there has been a lot of money changing hands on the secondary (auction) art market. We believe that you should buy pieces you love, that you connect with and are drawn to. The value of the piece may go up over time, or it may not. Either way, what we believe is most valuable is the enjoyment having art in your home brings on a daily basis.

Does Artfull offer valuations on pieces I already own?

We are not art valuers. We love art and have been around art for a long time, but valuation of pieces is not our area of expertise. Contact us and we can connect you with someone who can help in this area.

Are there any hidden costs associated with buying artworks from Artfull?

We are focused on demystifying the art world and making it more accessible. The prices shown for artworks on our website are inclusive of GST, but exclusive of packaging and freight costs. You can get an estimate of these costs by clicking on 'delivery estimate' below the purchase button. If you are purchasing artworks from overseas, contact us as you may be eligible to purchase with the GST removed. As an overseas buyer, you may also have import duties and taxes to pay, depending on the regulations of the destination country.

Why are some artworks available to purchase, while others say 'Enquire for Shipping'?

Our packaging and freight partner can only handle artworks up to a certain size. The 'Enquire for Shipping' button appears on very large or particularly fragile artworks. If you've fallen in love with one of these pieces, click the button and enter your details in the pop-up window. One of our team will be in touch to discuss options.

Can I pick up the artwork I've brought directly from the artist?

In very special circumstances this might be an option. It is up to the artist and Artfull's discretion to agree to collection as an alternative to our existing packaging and delivery. Please contact us to talk to us about whether this might be possible.

Do you offer finance options?

We offer MyArt art finance to our collectors on artworks priced over $2,500. To find out more about how MyArt works for collectors, visit their website

Got another question?

Email us at or get in touch via our contact page. We're more than happy to help.