How to buy artworks on Artfull with MyArt

At Artfull, one of our core beliefs is that collecting Aotearoa New Zealand art should be more accessible. One of the ways we do this is by offering collectors the option of using MyArt to purchase artworks valued at over $2,500.

To use this financing option, first, fill in your details using our MyArt enquiry form. You'll see this on each artwork that is over $2,500. Filling in your details means that we can put the work on hold for you for a maximum of 10 calendar days while you take the next steps.

Next, visit the MyArt website, complete their application form and once you're approved, let us know. We'll invoice you for a 10% deposit to secure your piece, and MyArt takes care of the rest.

To find out more about how MyArt works, and apply for a loan to purchase works on Artfull using MyArt, visit their website