Karen Rubado

power play


Discarded cords and cables, acrylic wool, steel

2400mm (H) x 900mm (W) x 160mm (D)

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01 / 06
Artist Statement

I am interested in the ability of artwork to elevate everyday discarded materials. In power play, I wove recycled white cords and cables to create this playful wall hanging. 

About the Artist

Karen Rubado

Karen Rubado deploys her loom to do, to undo, and to make-do, both materially and to trouble and loosen our attachments to and associations with things. A strong element that runs throughout her works is that they are unresolved, and by being situated between being done and undone, woven and unwoven there is a sense that we are part of a fleeting moment in the fabric of time.

- Text by Julia Teale

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