Andrew Bogle



Spray paint and metallic paint on wood panel

400mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 40mm (D)

Orientation variable

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Artist Statement

My paintings speak for themselves. No interpreter needed. Sometimes in riddles. Often ambiguous. Puzzling. Even contrarian. Playful yet serious. Thoughtful yet spontaneous. Softly spoken but painstakingly articulated. A musical analogue, perhaps, is jazz with its frisson from periodic thwarted expectations that surprise yet captivate, especially improvised jazz. It’s not coincidental that Bill Evans, Chick Corea and John Coltrane epitomise this frisson for me. Optical illusions have a similar effect, both enigmatic and compelling. The series title ‘Contrarian Perspectives’ alludes to the ambiguous geometries I sometimes employ - trapezoids and ellipses strike curious poses. Metallic paints like gold and silver become illuminated with reflected light as the viewpoint changes, transforming the image. And variable orientation means the panels can be hung by any of the four sides - four different compositions if you like - because there is no strict top, bottom, or side. Without a reference point (like an horizon) orientation can be more arbitrary. A change is as good as a rest, it is said. The diptychs and triptychs offer extra permutations.

About the Artist

Andrew Bogle

While completing my Master of Fine Arts at Elam School of Fine Arts in the mid-1970s, I was appointed the curator of prints and drawings at the Auckland Art Gallery in 1976. My retirement from professional work in 1999, after several years as an independent curator, allowed me to focus more intently on my own art-making with the time and freedom I continue to relish as a (just) septuagenarian. Many of my artworks, influenced technically by my early years as a printmaker - though in other media - have evolved over decades with revisions and additions before final resolution, an impossible luxury had I been on the exhibiting treadmill with its pressing deadlines. 
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