Deborah Crowe

Limited Edition: Peach Capture Reproduction


595mm (H) x 838mm (W)

Ink jet print on matt paper

Edition of 5

Ships in a box
Ships from Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland
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Unique Work
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01 / 05
Artist Statement

A preoccupation with framing systems, context, nomenclature and building narrative inspired the capture of this image. The corner houses a seemingly mundane and democratic arrangement of objects. Eclectic and mixed up. Nice, or ironic? It had me consider the balance between the primacy of seeing and artifice of looking.

Exploration of ideas (or assumptions) around how different audiences view, label and observe art and objects inform the making of this work. I became entranced by the juxtaposition of these objects in a holiday cottage interior in semi-rural Taranaki. For me, the collection and arrangement of objects in the corner epitomises different ways of viewing, experiencing and decorating domestic space. Sightlines beyond the reproduction become expanded through mise en abyme, a consistent visual strategy in my practice. While I was building this image I was thinking about determinations of value and how often that is biased.