Elliot Collins

Important Things (Hot Pies)


Oil on canvas

800mm (H) x 800mm (W)

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Artist Statement

This exhibition, the first for the artist in Whakatū Nelson, explores time and place and attempts to tap into a universal connection of memory and location. This is undoubtedly a show at home in New Zealand. While these memories could be shared beyond our shores, there is a particular Aotearoa feel to their sentiment and imagery that locates them firmly in this whenua and on these islands. These short phrases or three-word stories hold more potency in them than what first appears. Each holds a world of experience or movement, growth, or history. They are meant to provoke further reading and contemplation as to how they are connected to us the viewer or the world around us. These works provide more questions than answers as is the usual outcome of Elliot’s practice. His poetry and painting sit in the liminal spaces of abstraction towards a kind of solid meditation. Each painting is designed to linger in your mind or echo in your memory and work slowly in a process contemplation and reflection. Each work captures moments in time that are often fleeting or mundane yet in retrospect are often the true makers of passing time. These are collective concepts that weave us together, distinct yet similar in our collective journeys through the world.

About the Artist

Elliot Collins

I am a text based artist who works in an interdisciplinary way incorporating painting, language, photography, installation and sculpture to discuss ideas of time, memory and ways we interpret our environment. I am interested in the art that can inform our lives and can be used as a filter or divining tool to see the world we inhabit with greater clarity and purpose. I live and work in Taranaki after moving from Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland in 2021 which has given me an even greater perspective and insight as to the power and purpose of a creative practice.
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