Diane Brand



Aluminium angle, trimmer line, recycled beads

350mm (H) x 270mm (W)

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Artist Statement

My creative process is inspired by the materials I find to work with. To start a creative process I collect a range of materials/colours, and then select from among those a final palette of things to work with using the rules and logic of the different elements. There are fixing requirements or arrangement mandates that come from the products themselves which dictate how I can work, and I assemble and reassemble components until a balance of fixing, form and colour is reached.

About the Artist

Diane Brand

Having trained and practiced as an architect and urban designer, I now work part-time at the University of Auckland after a career in teaching, research, and academic leadership.

​My art and art to wear uses ordinary and inexpensive materials and upcycled jewellery. My wish is to enable statement jewellery or small sculpture to be accessible to all, no matter what their budget.

I believe the value of a piece lies not in its materiality, but in its innovative design. I am particularly interested in plastic as a material and the expressiveness of colour.

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