Bobbie Gray

Gallery 50


Routed and spray painted plywood

215mm (H) x 600mm (W) x 20mm (D)

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Artist Statement

Selected sections of chewed-out floorboards are magnified and presented as individual compositions, generating a language all of their own. They could be mistaken for words or symbols, of some foreign or ancient language - the hieroglyphs of New Zealand’s heritage homes and buildings. Each work is meticulously finished with a precise colour palette, creating an aesthetic of contemporary design while portraying a feature common only to places of the past.

Poised between sculpture and painting, these hand-routed, human-scale engravings are traces of the vast, yet complex realities that lie beneath the surface of our own existence. The works read as abstract paintings, yet the mark making delves beneath the surface, revealing physical depth. The lines left are evidence of life lived, in parallel with our own.

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Bobbie Gray

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