Robyn Penn

Cloud of Unknowing IV


Sugarlift aquatint and hardground etching on paper

470mm (H) x 480mm (W)

Limited edition print of 6


Note, the work is unframed. Image of the work framed is for visual inspiration. 

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01 / 02
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Artist Statement

"A fascinating synchronicity is revealed when the Japanese word, ukiyo-e (the name given to a genre of Japanese printmaking) is translated into English, for it quite literally means, “pictures of the floating world”. In Penn’s etchings, the “puff” of cloud is obsessively reiterated, but never completely replicated, filtered through different colour spectra, potentially infinite in variation. The Romantics sought out that unstable, fluxing realm, the wild, beautiful nature where the infinite sublime, the continuum might be felt and experienced, where meaning becomes untethered.”

~ Jessie Cohen

About the Artist

Robyn Penn

I am a South-African born, Kiwi artist based in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. Through a practice that straddles painting, print-making and drawing, I explore the relationship between nature and human-kind; experience and knowledge. I am a traditionally trained artist; drawing and painting are a way for me to watch and record time passing, to see into the heart of things.
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