Ynes Guevara

A,E,I,O,U feat. Kiwiana


Acrylic on canvas

1000mm (H) x 750mm (W) x 40mm (D)

From the series A,E,I,O,U that aims to raise the awareness of cultural diversity (languages and accents) and build unity. It tends to the idea that we are all one, and we all belong. Vowels belong to no one and yet to everyone. Five vowels, and hundreds of different sounds emerge from them.

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About the Artist

Ynes Guevara

My name is Ynes, I am a Latin-Kiwi artist, living in the beautiful South Island in Timaru, South Canterbury. I hail from Mexico and have been in New Zealand Aotearoa over ten years.

I create art with a few main ideas in my mind, keep it simple and never boring. They help me complete the puzzle of creating. My stile is bold, colourful, and smart. I am passionate about life and happiness. I am a disciplined artist that enjoys a day of solitude and work. I am focused on equity, and achievement in high contrasts.

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