Mary Spacapan

28, Beauty as defiant agenda


Oil on canvas board, framed in FSC Beechwood (well-managed forests)

300mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 30mm (D)


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Artist Statement

Met, that morning—a table, a talk: unfailing love and the only One to trust. Believe, and this: Piety paid at home, a repayment to you to be [come]. Your children and children’s children, and you. Your turn, too. R: Psalm 143:8, Acts 16:31, 1 Timothy 5:8

About the collection: 

Forged across forty-nine days between Easter and Pentecost, this faithful journey represents a person, a prayer and a painting a day-examining the heart of hope and unearthing beauty as God’s defiant agenda.

About the Artist

Mary Spacapan

Mary Spacapan’s work is strongly gestural—using colour, composition and rich, buildable texture to explore the animated nature of the whenua. Painter, writer and sculptor, she creates as she experiences the world: tiny inputs collected, placed—a curation of moments over time. Every mark is movement.

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