Rick Allender




600mm (H) x 600mm (W) x 40mm (D)

Custom-made aluminium frame

Ships from Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland
01 / 04
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Artist Statement

Undercurrent makes reference to the tidal flux and organic layered forms of diurnal change. In this instance, the material is the fundamental generator of the image, and its properties are altered with the insertion of recognisable forms.

The minimal inscription elevates the natural attributes of the base wood veneer and allows reference to a current.

The entire figure can be seen floating over a luminous blue ground lying beneath and is narrowly bounded by a deep aluminum frame.

About the Artist

Rick Allender

I am a New Zealand born cinematographer and established contemporary marquetry artist working from a studio in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.

My cinematic experience with interpretation, organisation, composition, texture and lighting informs my artistic approach and interests which are focused on hand-cut contemporary marquetry and collage using wood veneer combined with a range of other materials. 

The detailing of my artwork and methodology is also inspired by traditional timber boats. I sail a classic yacht around New Zealand’s coastal areas. Referencing for my work arises from the nautical environments I encounter during this time as well as the exacting construction and operation of my mid-century Danish-designed yacht.

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