Paul Darragh

Sky Mall


Acrylic, spray paint & airbrush on canvas

1016mm (H) x 762mm (W) x 50mm (D)

Ships from Mount Maunganui
01 / 02
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Artist Statement

From the “Reach & Engagement” collection with a focus on misinformation and conspiracy theories, this painting portrays an arch and hole leading to an infinite darkness. The only point of arrival is a ladder propped against a wall, or is it the sky? All elements create an eerie illusion and surrealist scene.

About the Artist

Paul Darragh

Paul Darragh lives and works as an artist and designer in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. His painting practice traverses both the traditional canvases and large-scale murals and outdoor paintings. Each is produced in acrylic, house paint, spray paint and airbrush techniques, drawing on Darragh’s work as an abstractionist and his distinctive graphic sensibility. He uses flat colour to precisely render shapes and icons and manipulates depth using illusionistic shadows and patterns. His work is informed by and seeks to respond to global current events and cultural movements, such as machine learning, the Metaverse and the rise of misinformation online.
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