Hannah Rose Arnold

Shadow Settle III


Silver Gelatin print on 1860’s Kauri split shingle from Alberton House.

370mm (H) x 70mm (W)

Shingles kindly donated to the artist after repairs on the original roof of Alberton, originally built with over 20,000 shingles.

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Artist Statement

This house was once a forest

What once was, and what remains

Standing still

Using darkroom chemistry to develop photographs of virgin Kauri forest at Puketi onto polished Kauri, this series work gently mourns the loss of Aotearoa’s indigenous forests during the process of colonisation and industrialisation. With each piece, I pay homage to their memory, and the ghosts of what once was. 

About the Artist

Hannah Rose Arnold

Hannah Rose Arnold's photographs document the physical and social landscapes of Aotearoa New Zealand with gentle nostalgia. She treats her subjects with a sense of curiosity and grace, born of a transient nature.

Arnold's ongoing practice draws links between the physical and psychological spaces in which we dwell - exploring themes of faith, trauma, redemption and sense of place, through a variety of mediums. Arnold is interested in storytelling, folklore and the complex social and environmental histories of this land. Her work is informed by colonial history, a rambling upbringing and a deep concern for, and connection with, the environment.

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