Chloe June Summerhayes



Oil on canvas

675mm (H) x 505mm (W)

Oak veneer tray frame

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01 / 03
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Artist Statement

These two works are explorations in the passing of time and scarring. Within the work are figurations alluding to personal experience I have had with chronic mental illness. The isolating and insular experience of dealing with an extremely common but widely misunderstood mental illness has manifested in a cycle of shame and punishment I’m slowly learning to let go of with time. Making these works became a cathartic exercise in literally and metaphorically laying bare flaws and mistakes. Intentional and unintentional mark making has equal value and in doing this, I wanted to expose the rigidity of paint. A sideways glance in From Existence and stained hand in Daughter allude to abject behaviour and thoughts intrinsically human and frequently concealed. By letting the process be a conversational and open ended one, I strived to create a raw and contemplative representation of the self. 

About the Artist

Chloe June Summerhayes

My current practice is informed by questions and ideas around the cyclical nature of ourselves and our environments. Depictions of Rubenesque putti reappear throughout the series suggesting narrative and inviting interpretation. Despite alluding to canonical narrative within an historical context, this imagery is, primarily, a starting point for an exercise in painterly abstraction. Led by process, the work arrives somewhere between figuration and abstraction. The process is meditative, repetitive and shadowed by the pressures of time.
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