Amanda Billing

Amanda is a visual artist, photographer and actress living in central Auckland. Her practices revolve around the individuality and universality of the human condition, with a focus on the form and experience of women.

Her visual arts practice is centred on drawing and painting the nude. She works from her own photographs and life drawing practice, returning to the same poses and forms repeatedly as she experiments with new materials and creates at different scales. Amanda has made monotype prints as a complement to her work in ink and acrylic paint, enjoying its technical challenges and immediacy.

Amanda’s work is sensual, surreal, expressive. As such, her work is in dialogue with all depictions of the female form, from the Neolithic to now. The human body has been a powerful symbol for millenia, immediately relatable to everyone across time and space. Gesture is one of the primary aspects of her work, along with bold explorations in colour. Her practice operates at the intersection of drawing and painting, as she’s focused specifically on the phenomenon of art-making accomplished with our flesh-and-blood brain, heart and hands.

Artist Details

Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand




I'm an artist.

I'm always exploring the creative process as an actress, a painter, a photographer, a maker.

I love to take pictures of people.

I sell my paintings, prints, and designs.

I write about navigating creativity through practice and business.