Amanda Billing

Amanda is a visual artist, photographer and actress living in central Auckland. Her practice is focused on drawing and painting the nude, specifically the female form. She works from her own photographs and life drawing practice, often drawing the same poses and forms repeatedly, copying her own work. Her subjects are friends who are artists and occasionally she does commissioned work for those bold enough to ask.

Amanda’s work is sensual, surreal, expressive and ‘of a moment’. Gesture is one of the primary aspects of her work and her practice operates at the intersection of drawing and painting. She considers drawing with ink to be a kind of collaboration with her materials because she is never completely in control. The medium rewards bold decisions, made quickly but the end result is always a surprise. Amanda also makes monotype prints as a complement to her ink work. Both practices involve a complex, exciting interplay of gesture and time constraint, with water adding an element of uncertainty to choices she makes about colour, intensity, and light.

Artist Details

Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand




I'm an artist.

I'm always exploring the creative process as an actress, a painter, a photographer, a maker.

I love to take pictures of people.

I sell my paintings, prints, and designs.

I write about navigating creativity through practice and business.