Chris Van Doren



Whangārei Columnar Basalt

770mm (H) x 250mm (W) x 120mm (D)

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01 / 03
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Artist Statement

Inner markings. A vessel of thought.

About the Artist

Chris Van Doren

Chris Van Doren is an artist of Niuean, Samoan and Dutch descent. With a background in panel beating, Van Doren uses his trade-taught skills in his multi-disciplinary sculptural practice, incorporating mediums such as copper, stainless steel, wood and stone. He holds a vast knowledge and skill for sculpting contemporary forms in both large and small-scale sculptures that explore his Pacific heritage and traditional forms, motifs and growing up in Aotearoa New Zealand. For Van Doren, it is about the creative process, that is where his ideas stem from: finding his way in a three dimensional world where light, shadow and form all come into play.
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