Jayden Plank



Raku clay, automotive paint

170mm (H) x 180mm (W) x 150mm (D)

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Artist Statement

Beneath the shimmering waves, an enigmatic coral plant conceals its extraordinary secret. From the depths of its microcellular core, a bewitching transformation has unfolded, bestowing upon it an exterior that tantalizes the imagination. What cosmic forces orchestrated this evolutionary marvel, and what wonders lie hidden within its mysterious, altered DNA?

About the Artist

Jayden Plank

My artwork is a manifestation of a future that is at once fantastical and strangely familiar. Rather than adhering to minimal or mono-cultural aesthetics, I prefer to embrace a vibrant explosion of color and form, which I incorporate into my paintings and sculptures. These works serve as an exploration of the boundless depths of inner worlds and outer space.

My art invites the viewer on a journey into the artist's mind, which in turn becomes a journey for all who experience my creations. Through a vortex of sensory overload, I aim to transport the viewer into another dimension, where candy colours swirl in ecstasy, penetrating both the eyes and soul like infectious rays of positivity. This journey is an inquiry into the very essence of life.

My art draws inspiration from pop culture, psychedelic art, science fiction, and digital technologies. I seek to explore ideas of transcendence and kitsch mysticism, creating works that are intuitively shaped and adorned with automotive paint and glitter. These creations are then displayed through laser-cut aluminum, plywood, fiberglass, and raku clay.

My creative process is one of spontaneous ideation, constantly shifting in and out of harmonious balance, with the transformation of thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. My aim is to access the true essence of creativity by transcending conventional boundaries of form, materials, and color. I aspire for my paintings to become one with everything, and to express the spirituality and alternate realities that inform my practice - unleashing the untold power of the mind.

In essence, my artwork provides a fresh perspective on the current zeitgeist, offering a wholly new way to express the realities of our world.

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