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Sculpture & Objects

When we think about the word sculpture, what automatically springs to mind for most of us are classical marble sculptures: Michelangelos David. Or perhaps one of the many public sculptures of Queen Victoria or Captain Cook which are dotted around our civic spaces. Sculpture can be and is so much more than these usual suspects however.

Contemporary sculptural practice today has its roots in these time honoured traditions of stone carving and immortalising figures from the past, but it has evolved to become anything other than purely representational and it is anything but stale. Not only has the subject expanded beyond the human figure, but the materials artists use and incorporate into their works has been influenced by technological advances of our current age. Found materials, timber, metal, stone, ceramic, clay: each has its place within sculptural practice. 

The sculptors here on Artfull offer a thoroughly Aotearoa New Zealand interpretation of this ancient art form. They push not only the limits of what sculpture is and can be, but also play with scale to create domestic sized works that fit in and take up just the right amount of space.